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Rugs To Combat the Winter Elements

Tiled and wooden floors are very practical for when it comes to upkeep and maintenance, but they can be a little too nippy for winter time. If you don’t have under-floor heating or are just mindful of your electric bills, area rugs are an easy solution to warm up your home (and toes) in the wintertime.

Which Rug Is Which?

The good news is that there are rugs to suit every space and budget. But with so many materials, designs, and sizes to choose from, it can be pretty tough knowing where to start. Make the right investment, though, and you’re sure to end up with a rug (or two) that will meet your needs now and for a few winters to come.

The Right Size For Winter

The next important factor to consider when selecting a winter rug is the actual size of the rug. For instance, if you have wooden floors on your ground floor, you can lose a lot of heat from your exposed flooring. Choosing something like a larger area rug is the perfect way to cover up larger spaces of the floor and trap the cold where it belongs: outside your house. Be sure to take some time to measure your space so that you can select your winter rugs with confidence.

The Right Material For Winter

Similar to the clothes you choose to wear in colder weather, you should be considering the material of your winter rugs very carefully. Materials that tend to be too thin will not offer enough protection against the colder elements that can rise from underneath your home, particularly on the ground floor. For that reason, we would recommend a rug with a heavyweight pile,or even a stunning shaggy rug. A dense pile will help ensure that the warm air stays trapped in the fibers and stays inside your house.

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